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Friday, January 20, 2006

Stand for ...something

Lilly spent a lot of time the other day at the Yucky Gross & Cool Body website and all was good until she read this in the section on "Belches and Gas" (which she did last ,because she worked her way from bottom to top,just like her backwards mother would have )

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She gave out this horrified gasp,"Not all babies are fed formula! That's SO wrong".

I know it's nitpicking but my militant lactivist side wants to write a letter to them,asking that they change the wording at least. The way it's worded suggests that all babies are formula fed. The "probably" in there sounds more like it's referring to "cried a lot" . If they're presenting themselves as a scientific and educational resource for children,they should be 100% accurate. They could also include that babies who are breastfed do not require burping the same way bottle-fed babies do because of the lack of air that is swallowed during nursing. And I don't think meantioning breastfeeding is out of line at a website devoted to natural bodily functions. It's natural science,after all.

I am just trying to think how to script a letter so that it does not sound overly extremist.That's pretty off-putting and is never well-received,I've discovered. On more issues than one.

I don't want to sound like one of those people who always has to have some cause. I mean,I do usually have some cause I'm concerned about but they're generally important ones to me.

I'm talking about the kind of people who have to boycott everysinglelittlething. A friend of mine was telling me about someone she knew boycotting the company who makes the boppy pillow. Why? because people use them to lay their baby down on and prop a bottle. Well, does this mean ALL boppies should be banned? Not everyone uses them for that,you know.Why not just start a non-propping bottle ampaign if that's how strongly you feel about that. Der.

In one of the homeschool groups,there was this discussion about children's books about kids who are homeschooled. Someone suggested Education of Little Tree.
Someone went on a rant about how the book should be banned and anyone with ethics would never buy or read that book.Why? Because Forrest Carter, who wrote the book, was a KKK leader and huge White Supremicist. Well, I happen to love the book. I own it and I'm not about to burn it because of this fact. If I were to buy a new copy of the book, I wouldn't think of it as supporting a white supremecist or white supremecy itself.Afterall, Forrest Carter is dead. He doesn't receive royalties anymore. The book itself does not encourage or promote racism.

Besides,I won't ever support banning any written (or spoken) word. I don't care what it says.

There's just times that being an activist has no point at all. Not that I don't encourage people to stand up for what they believe in of's just that people invest a lot of energy towards something when it's not going to effect any real change whatsoever.

Having said that, I still won't buy Nestle products, even if they are complying to international marketing laws concerning formula. Why? Because their actions DID result in babies dying and they absolutely knew what they were doing .Buying products from them to me is like saying to some one who goes on a baby-killing spree and then suddenly stops,"Hey, good job! Now just don't kill anymore." and then sending them on a luxury cruise. I just can't "forgive" their actions.

Of course, my boycotting them is also not something that's really going to effect any change either but at least I feel better for standing close to my own ethics.Plus,it's not something I devote time and energy towards.Really, it's just a matter of not buying their stuff. That's pretty easy and effortless to do.

besides ...Hershey makes better chocolate and they also no longer use child labor in plantations in the Carribbean so that's always a plus.

And this is totally not about the fact that Nestle makes formula. I know that some people who are on the boycott Nestle bandwagon really don't understand WHY they're boycotting Nestle.It's like they think that because they make formula,they're not supposed to support the company.

FYI: It's a free country and they can make formula if they want to and people can even choose to buy it and feed their babies that way. However,it is not ok for them to make said formula and market and sell it in impoverished nations where it will be prepared with unsafe water that will make babies sick and die and where families won't be able to afford it,leaving the baby to starve....and lie to them ,telling them the formula is the best thing they could ever do for their baby.

That's another thing: People who boycott & protest and have NO idea why or what they're speaking out against. None. That's just moronic.

But it does make for good entertainment.Ever ask someone a question about why their boycotting something and they absolutely can't tell you? That's some funny stuff there.

Um,anyway...this was totally an unplanned rant and now I need to get myself away from the computer and go accomplish ...something.


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